Stop the spoon feeding!

As I sit here and think of things to write, I can’t help to think of all the spoon feeding that goes on in the virtual world. The internet is a great tool, but it can also be a burden to some people. Many people scour the internet looking for any information they can find on a certain body of water. What ever happened to some good old hard work and hoofing it to learn the water? Seems these days everyone one wants to get exact GPS coordinates to the spot you fished and expect you to tell them exactly what you were using.

So, with this said. I encourage you to stop the spoon feeding and let people learn on their own. Growing up, I had little information givin to me as far as techniques, tactics, and procedures go. I learned most everything on my own. From casting a fly rod, to reading water. Heck, I taught myself how to wallis cast. Sure watching a video or tutorial can help cut the learning curve. But, nothing is more satisfying then finally learning something after some hard work and line tangles. The day we think we know everything, is the day we should probably hang it up and call it quits. No one should ever stop learning, but in the same regards no one should spoon feed you all the knowledge they have worked oh so hard to gain.


2 thoughts on “Stop the spoon feeding!

  1. Came across your blog today via Facebook. You have some really good posts. Love the “Spoon Feeding” and would love to copy & paste to my site with your permission. Also, would love to know who you are so maybe you’ll do as you say in your posts/rants and “Nut Up”! 🙂 Funny but true. So, come on and “Nut Up” bud!!!
    Sincerely, Dawn Rucando/
    315-489-6115 cell
    315-298-2466 shop

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