So what….you’re a guide….not GOD!!

For some people getting a guides license makes them feel like they are better than the average joe fisherman, or that they are entitled to special privelages. Yes, you are entitled to guide discounts from manufacturers as well as discounts at many tackle shops, but that’s about as far as special privelages go. Lets face it, any fisherman off the street who can read and write, and has the money to pay for the tests can become a guide.

I’m not saying every guide acts like this, but there are a few that do and it is very interesting to watch how they act to say the least.

No matter what, there are always going to be “new guys” that come around, and most of the time they have to prove themselves to the “veterans” that have been doing it the longest. Granted no one makes a person become a guide, or says that it is the only thing they can do to make ends meet. Fishing is a way of life for many guides though, and I can see why they would get upset when there is a crowded river or having people always on the water or in the run they want to fish. They’re out there to catch fish and make their clients happy. In the end though, it’s the point of making the client happy and making sure they have an enjoyable time.

You’re probably sitting back and wondering where the hell I’m going with this long winded rant, and I’ll get to that in a second. Just know that what you are about to read may upset you (if you’re a guide) and if it does it’s probably because everything or most of what I am about to write applies to you. Let’s get started.

First off, you don’t own the river. Just because a state issues you a guide license doesn’t make you better than the next fisherman who has been doing it much longer than you. That person just decided to keep fishing as a passion, rather than a business.

Giving people nasty looks or just floating by and starring at them is annoying. So what, someone is in the spot you wanted to fish. Move on to the next spot, there is plenty of river. Also, bringing your clients in on foot or anchoring where people are already fishing is not cool. Again, your guide license doesn’t make you special. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Didn’t you learn manners as a child? Plus, there is river etiquette even when the water ways are crowded.

Telling other people who are guides like yourself that they can’t fish certain stretches of rivers on their day off. Again, you aren’t special. Maybe there is some secret hand shake amongst guides and weekly meetings where they conjur up some of the ridiculous nonsense I often see and hear about on a weekly basis. Who cares if a guy wants to catch fish on his day off. You certainly aren’t going to catch them all, and it would be the same if he had a trip that day or not. So, like I said, get over yourself, you’re not special.

You’re not in high school anymore, so why do most of you run around and talk shit behind eachothers backs? If you don’t like someone then so be it. Nut up and let the person know. Don’t be fake to someone’s face and then run your mouth behind their back. It’s childish and elementary. I hate fake people. If you need to act one way to try and “impress” people, then guess what, you’re fake.

Last, but certainly not least. STOP CHUMMING!!! So, the fishing is slow. This doesn’t mean throw a coffee can full of eggs into a run to get the fish active. There’s a reason it’s called fishing and not catching. It’s illegal for one, and not very “guide” like if you ask me. There are plenty of guides that do it, and I know this for a fact.

There is more that I could say, but I have other things on my mind and tasks at hand that need accomplishing. Like I said in the beginning, this doesn’t apply to all guides. Like in anything in life, there are always going to be assholes. So, if you want to be treated like such, then just keep acting like you’re God on the river and I’ll make sure I mow the grass and low hole you every chance I get.


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