Plastic love………..

No, I’m not talking about a plastic adult sex toy. I am talking about BEADS!

 If you aren’t aware of fishing with beads for steelhead, browns, or any trout for that matter, then you my friend are living a sheltered life. Before I go any further and some of you start wondering who thought of such a great idea to imitate fish eggs with plastic beads, I’ll tell you. It was developed by fly fisherman in Alaska to reduce the mortality rate they were having using regular egg pattern flies directly tied to the hook.

“But Wait?!?!? You mean to tell me the bead isn’t attached to the hook?”  -clueless fisherman

“That’s correct. The bead is not attached to the hook, but placed between 1″ and 1.5″ above the hook.” -theANGRYfisherman

“ISN’T THAT SNAGGING!??!?!!! Bead fishing doesn’t seem ethical to me!” – clueless fisherman

“No, it’s not snagging. As NYS says ; “Snatching means taking fish not attracted by bait or artificial lure with hooks, gangs or similar devices whether or not baited. Snagging, lifting, and single hook snagging are types of snatching. Snatching is indicated by repeated or exaggerated jerking motions of the fishing rod.” So, no, fishing with a bead is not snagging unless you are doing what I just mentioned with said bead.”   – theANGRYfisherman

“I don’t know. I still can’t see how a bare hook is legal.” –  clueless fisherman

“Ok then, give me all your hard bait lures with dangling trebble hooks since they’re bare and not legal to fish. I’ll make sure they get put to good use.” – theANGRYfisherman

 “NO. Those are lures, the fish bite those” – clueless fisherman

“Oh, did you just say they bite those? What do you think they do with a bead?!?! Ok, you just keep doing what you’re doing. I’ll use these “illegal” beads that catch fish that BITE.” – theANGRYfisherman.

That was just an example of one of the many responses clueless fisherman have said to me. If you have an “ethical” problem with fishing beads because you think it’s snagging, well then that’s your own mental battle you have to get over. I have no quams fishing beads because I understand how they work. So before you end up like this guy….

         Is Float fishing a form of snagging?

“This question is NOT meant to start a snotNosedCrybabyCrazy Forum Brawl…

If you put a bead on your line a few inches above the hook, the fish touches the bead triggering the bobber, you yank hard, ripping the hook up and in essence “snag” the fish on the outside of the mouth.

It sounds like snagging, but im sure im not looking at it the right way. It would seem to me that the bead would have to be attached to the hook to not be “snagging”.

Any intelligent thoughts?” – clueless fisherman insert your name here…..

If a state believes it’s a legal and ethical way to fish, then guess what, it is.

See all you bead Snaggers on the water!


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