Hero shots from the Fly Only Zones…..

on the Salmon River, are like having your picture taken with the giant fish in Fat Nancy’s Tackle Shop!!

This means, YOU SUCK!

I have been poking around the internet and have found NUMEROUS reports and pictures of guys “slaying steelhead”. Yeah, you might impress your friends in Rhode Island with your great pictures of chrome, but you’re not impressing this guy. Next time you show the photos to them, make sure you let them know that you fished less than a half mile below the hatchery, and below a DAM!

Fishing in the fly zones takes little to no skill. Great, so you want to catch a steelhead. Nothing wrong with that, but there are 12.5 more miles of fishable water! So, before you think you’re a hero and brag to all your buddies how you “slayed” steelhead. Remember where you’re fishing, and how much of a challenge it really is.


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