So…you think you got what it takes?

To be a hard core steelhead fisherman?!

Here are just a few signs that you might be coming down with the sickness and addiction of a die hard Steelhead fisherman.

-You tie your own steelhead flies or make your own beads, and even if they don’t work you keep using them for the chance that you might hit one fish on them.

-You wake up four hours before the sun to drive two hours to a spot to be the first one to the water.

-You own more fleece and cold weather gear than nice clothes and collared shirts.


-Your SIMMS waders are covered with egg goo.

-The inside of your vehicle smells like roe.

-You check the USGS water flow gauges 10-12 times a day per body of water you usually fish. Even if you’re four states away.

-You tell your fishing buddies that the fishing has been slow, just so they stay home and you have more water to yourself.

-Your dream vacation involes cold wet weather and is located in B.C. or Alaska.

-Your non fishing buddies think you have a problem because you talk about steelhead fishing so much at work.

-You spend most of your work day looking at pictures of steelhead and living through fishing forums on the internet.

-You slow down when you go over tributaries just to see if they look fishy.

-You spend every last penny you have on fishing equipment and going to and from the river.

-You sleep in your truck just to save money to fish for a day or two longer.

-You troll the fish cleaning stations during salmon season looking for roe people don’t want.

-You only fish for salmon to get roe.

-The changing of the leaves and shorter days gets you excited.

-Catching other fish just helps pass the time, it doesn’t fill the void of catching one steelhead.

-Your drift boat is nicer than your truck.

-You are content spending three hours tying bags and getting four hours of sleep the night before you go fishing.

-You can row to your favorite spot in the dark and not even worry about hitting anything along the way.

-You hate breaking a trail through the snow, but know that it means you’re more than likely the first one to fish that spot in a while.

-You buy beads just to paint them and make them “secret”.

-You lie to your fishing buddies about what you’ve been catching fish on.

-You lie to other fisherman about what you’ve been catching fish on.

-You are happy when the roads are crappy out because it will mean less people on the water.

-You’ve pushed a drift boat through the unplowed parking lot just to get it to the water.

There is more that can be said, but for now this is just a short list. Regardless of what anyone tells you, it does take a different kind of person to enjoy fishing in below freezing temps.

This is winter steelhead fishing at it’s finest


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