Why some airlines don’t give a sh!t about their customers….

Recently I have been using one airline exclusively. I’m not going to name it for obvious reasons, but it rhymes with US hAIRWAYS.

Every time I travel home, I’ve had some kind of delay caused by either maintenance issues, or just recently the lack of coordination with the ground crew and perhaps the lack of initiative on the pilots part.

Last night I was afforded the luxury of sitting on the tarmack at RDU waiting for the ground crew to de-ice the plane. I know it’s winter time and these things must be done, but why do people wait til the last minute to check the plane when they could have checked it when they landed before we were ready to take off?

Then it took over an hour for the truck to come out and de ice us. So, we departed when we should have been landing in DC. This delay caused about 15 people to miss their connecting flights. I tried getting on a flight leaving last night headed into Rochester or a nearby airport, but no dice.

So, the next best option was to fly out today in the morning. Great, so they’ll put me up in a hotel along with all the other people and give us money for food. Wrong. Silly me to think they’d take care of their customers for a delay they caused and in turn made a good majority of us miss our connecting flights.

But, some passengers were given hotel vouchers and food vouchers along with a new ticket for the morning. You’d think we’d all get the same treatment. Wrong again. The supervisor came up to the desk, was rude and definitely one of the biggest ignorant assholes I’ve ever encountered (that’s saying a lot. I know a bunch of ignorant assholes) I would have loved to engage in a good healthy argument about why they need to treat all their customers the same, but at this point I knew it would get me no where. I just went and found a nice heater vent to sleep on.

The lack of professionalism and asshole tendencies of the supervisor helped me realize that I will never fly US hAIRWAYS again!

Hopefully there are no more delays and I can make my flight back home on time. I have already missed spending one night with my wife, and lost a chunk of time sitting in the airport in DC. Thanks US hAIRWAYS!! You keep being you!


One thought on “Why some airlines don’t give a sh!t about their customers….

  1. Same thing happened to my wife and me a few years ago. It was American Airlines. They gave a group from Toronto free hotel and dinner and gave us nothing. We complained to the supervisor and he was rude to us. I wrote a blistering letter to AA when we got home and they gave us a bunch of free points — as if we’re going to use their airline again. You’re right — compensation should be equal and accompanied by an apology. I’m holding my breath. Are you?

    I posted this in May:


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