Bad JuJu……….

I’ve got it! And the steelhead gods are not happy with me for some reason.

I took the wife and a friend out yesterday, and all we did was shiver in the cold. Well, they did, I dressed properly.

I was told that the day prior a few of my friends had gotten into a decent amount of fish. I’d like to believe them and they have no reason to tell me other wise. I don’t know what it is, but sometimes you just have bad juju. It could be that I’m not in tune with the river and am lacking confidence since I haven’t fished in so long. The time out before that I was only able to hit one fish! It doesn’t help fishing behind a bunch of other boats or fisherman either. One would think that there would be at least one fish willing to play. I guess I had to pay my dues a little before having a good day. I am getting pretty good at watching my float all day.

Hopefully I made things right with the steelhead gods, and they will be willing to reward me with a couple head shakes the next few days!


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