A Cure Has Been FOUND!

Egg cure that is.

An egg cure that help cure my bad juju. I ran bags (store bought) when I struck out two days ago, but I didn’t have the right color or the right cure. You can think what you want about cured eggs, but there is such thing as a crappy cure. I went over to a buddies house last night, and we tied up some eggs for the coming week of fishing. I tied up some of the eggs I had been given for my trip today.

The eggs I got were already cured using a basic cure, but this isn’t to say you can’t add a little something extra to the cure to make it that much better.



Armed with my tupper ware container full of bags and a little bit of wishful thinking I was headed to the river. I got on the water relatively early, but not early enough, as there were already two other cars in the lot. I kept my fingers crossed and sure enough, there was no one in the spot I wanted to hit first.

I set the depth to what I thought was good and made the first cast. After a couple drifts to get my float depth tuned in I was finally confident I had it where it needed to be. Now, if I could just get a fish to bite my sack! About ten minutes of sitting there and the float drops, head shake, head shake, gone. I could see how this day was going. A light bite for sure.

As the morning progressed I kept moving through out the run and changing bags. I hit a fair number of fish, but getting them to hand was another task. But, this was still better than my last outing. For the fish I landed the quality was pretty darn good, and I was happy.

I would have liked to have seen the one fish that zipped around the run faster than a funny car at the quarter mile track. This fish must have been hungry, because my float wasn’t on the water for more than five seconds and dropped. Before I could even get a good hook set the fish ran right at me and then took a 90 degree turn and headed up stream. Needless to say, the hook didn’t stick and I lost that one.

All in all for the short time I was on the water it was good. Much better than the last time and then some. The fishing has been up and down, but that isn’t to say you can’t get into them. Lets hope the fishing stays this way or gets better over the next week and a half.


2 thoughts on “A Cure Has Been FOUND!

  1. Gentlemen- I have been trying to purchase some eggs from you but the email (zack@glsteelheadco.com) I am using seems to be kicked back to me as undeliverable. Can you help??

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