Who wants to wrap presents when…..


We headed out early for some Christmas Eve. steelhead fishing. As luck would have it there were no trailers in the first lot, and we were the first vehicle in the second lot. So far so good! Looks like we would be the first ones down in a boat.

As we started our trip down stream we soon discovered we’d probably see very few fisherman on the water. Seems the other fisherman were either getting last minute Christmas shopping in, or had another excuse as to why they weren’t on the water. I’m not complaining, but  today was one of those days when you see someone and say “You should have been here yesterday”.

We only had the morning to fish, since it was Christmas Eve. and we all had family events to tend to.

We started out at the top of the first run and slowly worked our way down. After sore lipping a bunch we moved onto the next run. There were a few other fisherman out and fishing that run, so we passed it up and moved onto the next.

The next few runs weren’t as productive as the first, and the rest of the river would turn out to be the same. We picked at one or two here and there along the way to the ramp. One thing I did notice at the last run that we fished, were two steelhead that we refer to as “twirlers”. Seems as though these fish were on their last legs of life and not doing so hot. Not sure what causes this, but many times it’s from people fighting fish and not properly reviving them.


I hope all of you have a Very Merry Christmas and get a chance to do some fishing over your Christmas Vacation (if you get one). Hopefully my luck keeps up and we have a productive week of fishing next week! Stay Frosty!


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