Salmon River boat race…….

Well, that’s what it seemed like at least.

There were a lot of boats on the water yesterday, but that didn’t stop us from getting into the fish. It was tough trying to find a good run to slide into with so many boats, but eventually we found one. The first spot we stopped at didn’t produce a thing, but after sliding down to another run, our luck eventually changed.  It was almost as if someone had turned the feeding switch on, because we hit a good number of fish in a short time.

After the fish shut off at that spot we worked our way down river and picked away at them. Eventually we ran into more boats, and they picked up anchor and shot down stream as we were heading down. We skipped over a good amount of water to get into a run we hoped had fish. It produced, not a lot in numbers, but it produced some nice fresh fish.

We finished out the day picking at a couple more, but the majority of the action had been up higher for us. Hopefully the bite keeps up for a little while, and maybe I can even get my first chromer of 2011 before I head out.


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