Back to the grind….

Well…my two weeks off flew by, and now it’s back to work. Hopefully I will get some time on the weekends to find some time to do some sort of fishing around here. It’s not likely though. I’ll probably end up living vicariously through reports on the internet.

Sorry for the crappy pictures, forgot my camera.

The fishing slowed down a bit towards the end of my vacation. The temps came up, causing snow melt and that brought down the temps in the river. Anytime the weather gets nice out, the steelhead fishing usually goes down hill. I’ve had some of my best days of fishing in what people would consider horrible weather. You know, blinding snow, blowing wind, the whole bit. But, every time the weather gets nice, the fishing gets worse.

Unless of course it’s drop back season, then it doesn’t matter what the weather does as long as the water stays up. Those fish will eat just about anything you throw at them.

We worked hard the last few days to get a head shake, but it was still worth it to get one more before I left. I’ll be in touch with the gang back home, so you can turn to here for an idea of how the river is fishing.

But, the truth is, you’ll never know how it’s going to fish unless you are actually there.


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