Why use fluorocarbon leader???

The answer is simple really. TO CATCH MORE FISH!!!

Some of you out there are stuck in your ways and don’t think that something as simple as a different leader line will make a difference. Well, I hate to break it to you, but it does. Especially if you’re fishing gin clear water, for fish that are pressured.

You may have noticed in the tackle stores that some brands of  fluoro costs a lot more than other brands. Also, some companies will say their line is 6lb line, but it has the diameter of other companies 8lb line. Pay attention to this, because you want to get the best bang for your buck. Believe me though, you get what you pay for with fluoro leaders. I have no quams paying $13.99 for 50m of good quality strong fluoro. I have used cheaper brands and lost many fish because of the line breaking very easily.

Flurocarbon makes a big difference when you’re fishing clear water. I have seen how simply dropping from 6lb leader down to 4lb leader can mean the difference of getting skunked, or hooking fish. Now, I’m not saying you need to fish leader this light, it all depends on your target species, pressure on the water, as well as how high the river is running.

When our river is running higher, I will often use 6lb-8lb leader, because not only are you fighting the fish, but you’re also fighting the current. With a good fluro leader, you are giving yourself an edge over a fisherman who is fishing just plain old monofiliment. With the technology in line today, it’s a wonder why some people insist on running regular mono for their leader. In the old days on the river, it used to be the chamelion line from Maxima. For those that have a clue, they are running fluoro and nothing else for their leader material.

Steelhead can be line shy, and dropping down in line size and running fluoro might be your only ticket to a day of catching fish, or a day of no action standing in the cold.


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