Western NC

To be relatively specific, I was in the South Western corner of North Carolina, in Graham County. http://www.grahamcounty.org/  There are many creeks and rivers located in this county that have good wild as well as stocked trout fishing opportunities.

The creek I was fishing was hatchery supported in the lower stretches, but above a certain point was all wild fish. If camping is your thing, and you like to save money, you can do that along this creek for FREE. Zero doll hairs, as Doug would say. The Nantahala National Forest considers the site primative, so they don’t charge a fee. There was a picnic table as well as port-a-shitters at a couple of the roadside camping spots. Camping is permited in the foot traffic only section, but you must be at least 50′ away from the creek.

Ok, onto the fishing, not catching, but fishing. I arrived at the creek late Friday afternoon. I would have made it there sooner, but the directions I got were a tad bit off. So, I drove around for a good while trying to locate the creek. Even got a nice scenic drive down a very bumpy gravel/boulder road that ran along some nice camps for sale. (I think this was their intentions with the directions they were giving out, to sell me a camp I didn’t need) Anyways, after my spider senses were going hay wire and realizing this didn’t look anything like the pictures I had seen, I figured I’d start from square one. So, I pulled out my map and realized I was just one road over from where I needed to be. That’s the last time I listen to some guy from the internet for directions.

Once I finally found the creek and was amazed by it’s ever inspiring beauty, I drove along the length of it as far as I could to get a good idea of what I was in for. I still wanted to get a couple casts in before the light faded to darkness and left me scared and alone in the middle of the woods. I found a campsite next to the creek, and rigged up my rod. I figured I’d try a nymph rig first since it was raining out and I didn’t see any bugs coming off the water. The creek was gin clear, and you could see everything, so I knew being a true stealthy Ninja would be key. The first evening didn’t provide much in terms of fish to hand, but it did take my worries of the real world away.

The second day, and first real day of hard core fishing would be a big learning experience. I’ve fished Apalachian Mountain streams before, but each one is the same yet different. Many bugs will work on all of them, but some better than others. Apparently, I had nothing they wanted. During four hours of hard fishing and working every nook and cranny I could find that might hold a fish, I was only able to bring one wild rainbow to hand. I’m not sure if the cold rain and run off had them shut down or what. So, I decided to pack up shop and head East to a new creek…..


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