Davidson River, North Carolina……

This is the location that I headed to after a slow start on the previous body of water.

The Davidson River is located in the Pisgah National Forest right on the ourskirts of Brevard, NC. It is one of the better known moving bodies of water in North Carolina. I knew it would have people on it, unlike the previous creek I had fished, so I was prepared for the worst.

To my amazement, it wasn’t as crowded as it could have been. A little hiking and walking on my part rewarded me with stretches of the river all to myself for the better part of the first day there. The Davidson is a gin clear river and also requires a bit of stealth on your part. On bodies of water that are gin clear and small, I prefer to work upstream. It works out in your favor since the fish are facing upstream and you’re coming up behind them. On sunny days be aware of your shadow, as it does a very good job of spooking fish and shutting down a run.

The Davidson was better to me then it’s cousin further West, and provided me with some rod thumps and excitement during the day. I fished the catch and release stretch below the hatchery that is located in the Park. This section of the river is not stocked and contains all wild fish and a few escapees from the hatchery. At least that’s what I was told. All my damage was done on a size 22 midge. Apparently they like their meals small out there. I was also told that a size 28 midge might have worked better.

There are a few other creeks and rivers in the area that provide some great fly fishing and trout fishing opportunities. A little research on the internet and a good map can get you a long way in Western NC. I’ll just have to visit Western NC in my mind and through pictures until I can escape the daily grind and get back out there.


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