What makes a blue ribbon top 100 trout stream??

Don’t ask me, because I don’t know either.

Apparently to make the list it has to be infested with Didymosphenia (didymo aka rock snot) http://www.fish.state.pa.us/water/habitat/ans/didymo/faq_didymo.html . Another feature seems to be a pipe that runs to the creek where a hatchery can discharge pellets and other debris for “wild trout” to eat.

These are just some of the characteristics I observed for some of the creeks I fished this past week. Hey, don’t get me wrong, the fishing on the Holston was pretty good before they jacked up the water and a storm came through.

I was invited to do a few days of fishing with a buddy from back home on the South Fork of the Holston River located near Bristol, TN. I met up with him late Friday night. We fished the Watauga River most of the day Saturday, but did fish the Holston for a little while on Saturday morning. The Watauga doesn’t seem to have the Didymo like the Holston does.

The fishing on the Watauga was decent, but we decided to stay at the Holston the next day. We moved around, and the fishing was a little better than the previous day. Someone actually believed the weather man and thought it was going to be sunny and 70, so he left his rain jacket in the room. Needless to say, a lot of cold rain fell that day. He never left his jacket in the room again.

With the rain came fog, and it seemed to shut the fish down. The next day a big storm would roll through and the TVA was reporting they were already raising the water on the Holston a good amount. The day was lost and the fish were completely shut down. The Watauga wasn’t even an option because that was already running higher than the Holston.

With high water and no where to go, we decided to pack up shop and head to the Davidson River in Brevard, NC. We got into some decent fish, but after learning about the pellet hatch that goes on in this catch and release, artificial fly, “wild trout” section, I was quickly embarrassed to even be fishing it. With the evening approaching we both decided to call it quits and headed back home until another excursion could be concocted.


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