Glock 30

I recently purchased a Glock 30 for my carry pistol. Wow, what a good choice!

To be honest, I was never a Glock kind of person. I’d held a few of my friends, and they just didn’t feel right. I have owned a few 40’s from S&W and from Springfield, but had yet to own a Glock.

I was set on purchasing the new .45 XDM, but after holding it, I wasn’t impressed and the guy at the shop showed me the Glock 30. After holding it, I knew it was the one.

So, off I went with my new pistol. I finally got to shoot it the next day and put a meager 100 rounds through it. I shot at an indoor range, which sucks by the way. Did I mention shooting at an indoor range sucks? Anyways, it has been a while since I have shot a pistol, but the same basic marksmanship rules apply. Lord knows some of you can’t hit the broad side of a barn.

The pistol shot well. I shot it in close and out at about 20-25 yards. I was able to put it in the black no matter what distance. The groups were still good even out at the longer range. Yes, I know, if I ever do have to use my carry pistol it will be in close. The only complaints I have is the tolerances aren’t super tight, and there is a little play in the slide, which will obviously throw a round or two off of where you’re aiming. But, it’s a compact carry pistol, so I’m not expecting it to perform like a match grade target pistol.

The pistol is prefect for a carry pistol. I can conceal it just fine and I’m not a big guy. Coming in at 68″ and 150lbs this pistol when worn on my hip conceals easily. I use an IWB (inside the waste band) holster.

If you’re looking for a decent priced high quality carry pistol, I reccomend the Glock 30 for sure. 10 rounds plus one in the chamber of .45 ACP will make you a happy person.


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