Hey New Yorkers!!!!

How about you wake up! Vote that puppet in a suit Chuck Schumer out of office!!

How you guys keep voting him in election after election is beyond me.

Now good ole’ Chuck wants to impliment the “no fly list” for Amtrak. (Which by the way was bailed out by the tax payers and never gone back into the black)

So here we have a failed mode of mass transit (you can thank the politicians for wasting your money) that still billions of people use a year, soon to be under the same scrutiny and security measures as flying and the airlines.

Can someone remind me again how many times “terrorists” have used rail lines and trains to commit crimes against humanity?

Apparently Chuck feels that taking away more of your rights is the key to keeping you safe. Like a very wise founding father said; “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin

If not only New Yorkers, but Americans don’t wake up to the hijaking of their country, they may soon find they live in what they consider to be “safety” but in reality is an ever growing police state.

Americans need to return to the values and beliefs America was founded on and stay grounded in the Constitution. Your government is over stepping their bounds and growing far to big.

Put down the tv remote and wake up to what’s really happening in this country. You’re all being duped and before you know it you’ll have no rights left as an American the some fought so hard and died for.

There is no left or right, democrat or republican. They’re all one in the same. Time to put your elected officials to the test to keeping their promises. If not, then vote them out!

Chuck Schumer does not have New York’s or America’s best interest in mind, he works for who ever pays him the most. Follow the money and you’ll see who pulls his strings.


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