Glock 30 MTR Custom Leather IWB Tuckable Holster

Glock 30 MTR Custom Leather IWB Holster review and updated review on the Glock 30 SF.

First things first. I was at a gun show and came across a gentleman by the name of Matt Rector, owner of MTR Custom Leather, and noticed some of his fine leather craftsmanship.

He didn’t have a Glock 30 IWB tuckable (Inside The Waste Band) holster at the show, so I caught up with him a few weeks after and placed my order.

While I was at the show I picked up a kydex holster. Don’t waste your money. They suck. The thing started falling apart within two weeks. Plus it wasn’t very comfortable against the skin at all.

Anyways, back to a real holster. Matt custom makes holsters for a huge variety of different pistols, and they are form fitted and DAMN COMFORTABLE too! If you don’t see your model pistol on his site, drop him an email and I am more then certain he can make it happen.

The holster rides real nice on my hip which is where I prefer to carry my pistol. The leather is very comfortable against the body and is thin so there is not much added to the profile of the pistol when worn concealed.

After receiving the holster in the mail, I headed out to test it’s capabilities on the range. Believe it or not a holster doesn’t just hold your pistol. It also aides in your draw and ability to engage a possible target. If you don’t practice drawing your weapon from your holster, you could lose valuable time fumbling around for your pistol.

One of my biggest concerns with any holster when I’m drawing my pistol, is having the holster ride up with the pistol as I draw it from the holster. Some of you out there may know what I’m talking about. With this IWB holster you don’t have that problem. This is right out of the box too!! Not even broken in. But hey, when he form fits the leather to your pistol, it is form fitted!!

I am a small framed guy and you cant tell I have a pistol on my hip, or do I? **This holster is tuckable, meaning you can tuck your shirt in and still have your pistol concealed. Sorry for not showing it. Trust me, you can tuck your shirt**

MTR Custom Leather holsters are 100% AMERICAN MADE!!  Which was another huge selling point for me. The price was just right, coming in at $65 (plus shipping and tax). Compare that to some of these $100+ leather holsters out there. The quality and customer service is top notch!! I highly recommend MTR Custom Leather holsters as well as any of their leather products.

The only gripe I have (and it’s a very small one) is the hardware can rub against your body, and when at the range doing shooting drills can cause some chaffing. This was easily fixed with two small pieces of felt with an adhesive surface.

Took me less then 2.5 seconds to fix my problem. it was really like 2.7, but you get the idea.

So, if you’re in the market for a top notch holster, or even some new leather products, check out MTR Custom Leather  out of Ramseur, NC!!

Updated Glock 30 SF Review

Well, I’ve had the Glock 30 SF for quite some time now and put many, many, many, rounds through it. All I have to say is YOU NEED TO GET ONE! For the money, you can’t beat it.

The accuracy is there, and the concealability is outstanding. For a .45 it doesn’t have as much kick as you’d imagine. I am able to easily put rounds in the black out at 25 yards, and that’s no BS.

I haven’t had any problems with misfeeds or jammings (except for the cheap ass ammo I bought at a gun show that was under powdered!!!! but that’s another story)

Also, with a full load (10 rounds + 1 chambered) I barely notice it on my hip as far as comfort goes. I wear this all the time too, I mean all the time. Heck, I feel naked without it.

So, if you’re in the market for a great carry pistol and don’t want to spend the coin on a high end 1911, do yourself a favor and get the Glock 30. Besides, you can never have too many guns.


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