Smoky Mountain Fishing Excursion

I decided to head to the Smoky Mountains this weekend and do some well deserved fishing. So, I did what any smart fisherman would do. Looked for some spoon feeding. Ok, not really, I just asked a friend what he thought the best patterns would be to tie up for my trip.

The good friend in question is a very humbling gentleman by the name of James Marsh. If you’re a fly fisherman, or a fisherman for that fact, and don’t know who he is, well, you’re probably living under a rock. James and his wife Angie have fished 82 of the top 100 trout streams in the country. He has produced numerous videos on fly fishing Yellowstone National Park as well as the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. He runs and is the owner of the Perfect Fly, which sells a very wide assortment of fresh and saltwater flies, as well as terminal tackle. That’s just his most recent accomplishments. He fished numerous pro tours and has caught just about every salt water game fish there is, and made a living doing so since the 80’s! Jealous much?! I know I am!

Besides being a very accomblished fisherman and business man, James also knows the Smoky Mountain watershed like the back of his hand. Not to mention he knows what’s hatching and when. James was kind enough to volunteer to take me out and show me around this weekend, and I am anticipating a great eye opening experience as well as a great weekend with one hell of a fisherman and friend.


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