Why some Americans are Stupid Sheeple.

The latest trend of wearing perfectly good fly tying hackle in your hair shows how stupid many Americans are. It also shows how people have to follow the trend and feel as though they are “cool”. Put simply, they are sheeple. All following the rest of the flock.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad many of the fly shops out there can capitalize on peoples ignorance and need to feel like they’re actually part of something. I know a number of friends who have turned a very good profit on this trend.

Hopefully it all ends soon and we can get back to tying flies with these hackles and not seeing them in peoples hair.

Saddle hackle of all types, grizzley hackle, blue hackle, chartreuse hackle that was normally for sale at a price of $50 for premium grade hackle has flown off the shelves for much more. Many grizzley hackle capes have gone for well over $500 on ebay. Ridiculous! The things people will do to try and “fit in”.

I did hear that horse shit is an excellent source of nutrients for woman’s hair. It also helps that hackle stay strong and not become brittle over time. Woman should not forget to invest in horse shit if they are going to invest in a feather to wear in their hair.


2 thoughts on “Why some Americans are Stupid Sheeple.

  1. Thank God for Steven Tyler setting the hackle in the hair trend! I always liked that rock star! Maybe now I can sell some other fly tying materials that sit around in my shop collecting dust. People are interesting and unique and yes, stupid too! I however benefited from this fashion craze/trend. I only wish that they will want some Flashabou or Krystal Flash! Give the women out there a break….they’re just “Fishing” for men!

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