There is no Left or Right….

They are all one in the same, so stop believing the left/right paradigm.

As we have seen from those who voted to raise the debt ceiling, there is no left or right. They are all in it for their own gain and to benefit their next election cycle. The truth is Americans have been duped, AGAIN!

The only chance we have of stopping our country from spiraling into an abyss of debt that we will never get out of is getting Dr. Ron Paul into office come November 2012!!

If you are unaware of Ron Paul’s beliefs and voting record, then I encourage you to do some research about Dr. Paul. His views on domestic and foreign policy are for America and Americans, unlike many of these politicians out there.

I am worried for my country and country men in what is to come of our great nation. Many Americans are asleep at the wheel and believe everything the lame stream media reports to them as the truth. I would highly recommend that you turn to alternative media sources that are out there.

Remember, RON PAUL 2012!


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