MTR Custom Leather does it AGAIN!!

MTR Custom Leather has improved on a design that was already setting a standard.

After speaking a bit with Matt Rector of MTR Custom Leather about the design of his Inside the Waste Band (IWB) tuckable holster, he improved on it greatly and took the functionality of the holster to a whole new level and standard.

I’ll let the holster speak for itself with it’s quality and craftsmanship, but as for the comfort and ability to conceal your pistol,WOW, this Glock 30sf holster is just as comfortable if not more comfortable than MTR’s previous Glock 30sf IWB Tuckable holster. I can wear this holster all day long with no discomfort at all!! Well worth the money, and well under the 120$ price tag of many other made in America leather holsters. So do yourself and your wallet a favor and get yourself a MTR Custom Leather IWB holster!!

This holster conceals the pistol well with a shirt tucked and on small framed individuals!

MTR Custom Leather makes a wide variety holsters for different makes and models of pistols. MTR also makes a wide array of leather products from belts, cigarette holders, to cell phone holsters. Their prices are more than reasonable, and their quality and customer service is unmatched in this age of big box stores, and their products are all made here in AMERICA!!! Not in bum fuct Egypt by someone who can’t even own a gun in their country!!


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