PMC .223 Ammunition Review

Buying ammo can be a tough decision when it boils down to quality and price, especially in this economy. I’ve bought my share of under powdered reloaded ammo at gun shows, and I will never buy reloaded “target rounds” ever again. I’ve shopped at many online stores as well as local shops, but so far I’ve found that the best prices are with

I was afforded the opportunity to shoot PMC’s .223 Remington and boy was I surprised!!

The quality well surpasses the price. I didn’t have one malfunction while shooting PMC’s .223. We shot the round with a Ruger Mini 14 as well as with an AR15. The ammo performed flawlessly and after shooting the first couple of rounds and getting a good whiff of the powder, I knew it was good ammunition. I have shot countless amounts of .223 and this was by far one of the better rounds I have put down range.

After unloading all of the PMC I had on hand, we began shooting some “surplus” ammunition that we had. Needless to say, the surplus ammo did not perform as well as the PMC. We kept having malfunctions and misfeeds with the surplus ammo. I give the PMC my military stamp of approval, but hey what do I know? We just shoot ammunition from the lowest bidder anyways.

Finding quality ammunition at a good price is important to me, and I don’t like to sacrifice quality for quantity. With the price of the PMC and the quality you can’t beat it.

If you’re in the market for some quality low priced ammunition, I highly recommend swinging over to and checking them out, you wont be disappointed.


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