Ron Paul being ignored by the Lame Stream Media

Yes, I know it’s hard for some of you to believe, but the lame main stream media is not telling the American public the truth. Ron Paul is a front runner in the presidential election and the establishment is running scared. So scared in fact that almost all of the lame stream media outlets refuse to even mention his name!!! Let alone tell people how well he is doing in the straw polls and other polls.

You may be wondering why this is, and for those of you who are informed you already know. But, for the rest of you I’ll break it down.

Ron Paul is consistent in his voting record and his beliefs. He doesn’t work for special interest groups and he doesn’t flip flop on issues and give you the flavor of the week like many of the candidates do. (Newt, Romney, Perry) Dr. Paul doesn’t believe we should be interventionists and world police, or help out a soverign nation like Israel in affairs that do not concern us. Simply put, he is a viable threat to the establishment and they see all their money and benefits going away if he is elected president.

Ron Paul believes in Americans taking back America and getting away from having big brother holding your hand from the craddle to the grave. He is the answer to America’s problems and I urge you to research Dr. Paul using sources other than the lame stream media.
I don’t need to boast or feed you BS, because what Dr. Paul says, does (look up his voting record) and believes is simple and makes sense for America and Americans. (Well the ones who work hard and don’t survive off government and tax payer handouts).

Ron Paul 2012! Because your Liberty depends on it!!


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