Walter Babb PHY Para 15 rod review

I had Walter Babb build me a new stick while I was across the pond tending to prior engagements, and now that I have fished the rod for a good while I can give some honest feedback on it.



The rod is 8′ with a nymph/power tip and dry tip. Both can be used pretty much for either type of fishing, but the dry tip is a bit faster.


I am throwing a WF6 with the rod, and it is a pleasure to fish for sure. The rod can reach out and get the fly where you need it as well as fish in close.

The rod is definitely a bigger water rod and shines when you have room to put it to work. I have fished it in small freestone streams in the Smokies, to the big water of the South Holston and West Canada creek.


The looks of the rod are simple yet elegant. Silver nickel down locking reel seat with a burled wood spacer. The guides are blued and the rod lightly flamed.

I was truly impressed with how light and fast the rod was. Much faster than I had anticipated. I’ve fished size 20 dries on up to size two streamers with it and the rod can surely handle it.

Walter builds a great stick and he delivered it to me in a very timely fashion. Lead time was only 9 months.

I am more than pleased with the rod and am looking forward to putting the wood to more fish with it.

I don’t yet have the reel on it that I want, but the little sage will do for now. It’s a bit light for the rod, but you don’t notice the difference of the balance point much.







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