Just a swinging……

The salmon run is almost over and the last remaining salmon are all but zombies.

With attention turned to slabs of chrome myself and many others have been swinging for dime bright silver bullets. Needless to say swinging flies for steelhead can involve a lot of casting and a lot less head shakes.


With enough perseverance and commitment (and time on the water with a rod in your hand) you will eventually tangle with one of these power packed chromers.


If there is one thing I have learned from swinging for steelhead it is that flies that take longer to tie (married wings) look great, but don’t get as much attention as the simple maribou and rabbit strip flies. Of course this could all be in my head, but I consistently get more takes from fish using flies that have a lot of action in the water.

I will just let the results speak for themselves. I will keep swinging married wings in hopes that I can take some good fish on one eventually. For now I will let the simple flies do most of the swimming and sore lipping.



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