Liar and fraud. Jack Johnson. Legend Lodge Alaska. Lake Illiamna, Intricate Bay.

So…today I picked my buddy up at the Airport in Anchorage. He was coming back from across the bay after guiding for the month. We go through the normal routine ,”How was the fishing, and how was the money?” He tells me, I made dick, the fishing was great, and the boss was a f’in douche rocket and ripped me off bad!

The boss…Jack Johnson… A.K.A. Douche Rocket



First he tells me, he thought he would be making decent tips, plus, he would be gaining great experience, BOY was he wrong!!

So, then he tells me the owner (Jack Johnson A.K.A. Douche Rocket) took 25% of the tips from all the guides and then some. Not only did he steal tips, wine, and banana bread, but after he was done with them for the season, he short changed them and handed them a 1099 form to say they were on their own. After making them think they were working under his jack wagon guide lodge, “LEGEND LODGE”, they soon realized they were working for themselves.

Let’s be honest, in reality it should be called, “Fuck You, Pay JACK!”.

He works his “guides” (aka Kunta Kinte’s ) harder than a DREAM ACT Mexican at an Orange Grove in Florida. Yeah, it’s that bad.

Needless to say, if I were going to throw down good money to a guide in Alaska, I damn sure wouldn’t be giving it to  Jack Johnson. I feel bad for his unknowing apprentice guides, who work for little to no pay thinking they are working for a legit guide service. Needless to say, if a guide works for this wanker for more than one season, they are messed up in the head and need more psych work than Casey Anthony.

Oh! Before I forget, you can get a KILLER deal! If you donate $100 or more to Trout Unlimited you can get a guided trip for 50% off!! If not, then you are stuck paying $4299 or more, depending on what Jack Johnson wants to charge you.


One thought on “Liar and fraud. Jack Johnson. Legend Lodge Alaska. Lake Illiamna, Intricate Bay.

  1. Oh yes! 4 of us got skimmed 2017 by this guy too!! Two other guests that were with us were also very dissatisfied. I wanted to report him but after a few questions to other guides and sea planes operators with no reply, I didn’t know where to turn to make a complaint about him. Seems they all stick together. It will be long while before I visit Alaska again. Left a real sour taste in my mouth!!

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